Thursday, January 24, 2008


So now I shall continue this Odyssey of mine. I realize that time and circumstances have favored me. In this life of mine, I have seen a small part of the world, been loved and ignored. Yes, the world has given me its best and a little of its worst. Knowing this, I am never too shocked at the bad things that happen, and I am agreeably surprised at the good. I have no design for living, no philosophy. I vacillate with inconsistencies; at times small things will annoy me and catastrophes will leave me indifferent.

Schopenhauer said happiness is a negative state—but I disagree. For these nineteen years I have known what happiness means. I wish I could write more about this, but it involves love, and perfect love is the most beautiful of all frustrations because is more than one can express. As I get to know the people around me better, the depth and beauty of their character is a continual revelation to me.
With such happiness, I sometimes sit out on my terrace in the evening and look over a vast dark blue sky in the distance, with shining stars and a wonderful full moon. Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts, and whenever I believe what I cannot make it anymore, I remember that my future awaits, full of accomplishments and new emotions, and that under that same sky is the person that will help me reach the perfect happiness. And in this mood I think of nothing but to enjoy the magnificent serenity of simply being there.

Inspired on the last page of Charles Chaplin`s Biography

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